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LUCENTUM UNIVERSITAS is an institution specialized in higher education consulting. We advise universities, colleges, professors, instructors, researchers, and students from all over the world in the improvement of their lifelong learning.

In addition, we also carry out an evaluation of all the processes in which a Higher Education Institution is involved with the intention of certifying that it complies with current regulations and follows high quality standards. For this purpose, we rely our analysis on the international ISO standards.


Management Systems for Educational Organizations - ISO 21001

This standard is aimed at formal educational institutions (such as primary schools, colleges, and universities) and covers all institutional management activities for the provision of educational services at all levels and in any of its modalities.

Learning services outside formal education – ISO 29993

Applies to organizations or professional activities other than formal education systems that offer learning and professional development services. It includes all types of lifelong learning such as vocational training or in-company training.

Education and Learning Services – Requirements for distance learning – ISO 29994

Applies to any provider of distance education or e-learning services, regardless of the size of the institution.