Is it Possible to Obtain a Degree Using 100% Online Methodology? What Criteria Should I Follow if I Choose to Study Online?

September 17, 2023

As mentioned in a previous entry, “E-learning: Latest Trends” digitalization in education is already a reality that goes hand in hand with the growth of the training offer and the number of students who prefer e-learning. Due to the many advantages online methodology offers, many students prefer it because it offers flexible schedules, lower costs, and a wide variety of resources, etc.

However, can any degree be taught 100% online?

1 – They need specialized facilities such as workshops, laboratories, and their own spaces that make presence necessary and prevent their entry into a 100% online training catalog.

2 – They require a specific practice as part of their training, such as the case of a medical student who needs to be in a hospital to complete his theoretical knowledge or a surgeon who requires field practice to develop his skills in his area.

In such cases, 100% online methodology cannot be used but it is possible to incorporate a mixed or hybrid model, which would be taught half of the time in person and another part virtually.

However, as technology advances, it is possible that in the not-too-distant future, any type of training will be 100% online, which expands the catalog of degrees offered online. The evolution towards the improvement of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality or some resource still pending development will further promote this form of learning.

On the other hand, some studies allow them to be carried out completely online because the study materials are easy to obtain and consult (books, electronic reference sources, etc.) and favor the possibility of developing skills with more autonomy on the part of the students.

So how do you choose the right online training? If the studies that a person wants to do are finally available online, they should pay special attention to the following aspects:

Duration: When deciding on one study or another, it is key to know the time available to the future student and to know the duration of the complete course and each of the classes.

Time availability: The person interested in carrying out online studies must have sufficient free time to be able to meet the training objectives.

Technological tools used: It is important to know what tools will be used in the training since the student must know how to use them to be able to carry out the training correctly.

Organization of training: Knowing how the training is structured and the design of the platform you use may be another aspect that should be considered when choosing online training.

Contents: The contents must be of quality and updated.

Evaluation: It is also interesting to know whether a continuous or single evaluation will be followed, the delivery times of the activities, or the periodicity of carrying out the exercises.

Study materials: The material should be both written and audiovisual. In addition, it must be affordable, complete and attractive.

Accessibility to the platform: It is recommended that the study platform can be accessed from any device.

Technical support: If the students need it, the education center must guarantee technical advice.

Communication with teachers: Students must have a tutor and communicate in an easy, agile, and personalized way.

Additional services: The future student must evaluate other services offered by the center such as videoconferences, organization of cultural events, face-to-face meetings with teachers, etc.

Qualification obtained: It is important to know the type of certificate that will be obtained once the studies have been completed (for example, whether it is approved or not).

The reputation of the center and the teaching staff: The prestige of the center and the teaching staff is a key point to take into account when choosing.

Cost: Another factor to take into account is the cost of studies. When enrolling, the student must ensure that the cost corresponds to the tools, materials, teaching staff, and quality offered by the center.

Is it possible to obtain a degree using 100% online methodology? What criteria should i follow if i choose to study online?