Our Services

Lucentum Universitas is part of the educational group Cape Canaveral Educational Services. Its mission is to evaluate the training programs and the educational quality of different independent Institutions of Higher Education, and to issue certificates (both to the institutions and to the students who have studied in them) on the quality of the education received.

Our Services for Students

– Consulting and academic tutoring to reorient or relaunch your professional career.

– Information on access to scholarships or collaboration agreements with institutions.

– Help in the development of specialized knowledge dissemination skills through publication in international publishing companies, specialized blogs, or social networks specific to your professional sector.

Our Services for Professors and researchers

– Academic and professional consulting to improve the quality of teaching and research.

– Mentoring activities.

– Participation in faculty and research staff networks to promote interdisciplinary cooperation.

Our Services for Universities and schools

– Review and adaptation of curricula to meet the quality standards of accrediting or certifying entities.

– Certification of the educational programs of higher education institutions that meet international quality standards.