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Certification is the most credible way to demonstrate excellence and provide evidence of continuous improvement efforts. In increasingly competitive industries, it provides professionals and organizations of all sizes a competitive advantage and the opportunity to participate in new markets. In this way, and according to the situation of the professional market, it is becoming increasingly relevant for an organization or professional to have an accreditation or certification that validates their competencies, endorses their specialization and proves their worth.

Certification, therefore, is a way of guaranteeing that an organization or a professional has minimum competencies endorsed by an independent entity through an adequate and impartial process. In addition, this documentation will also help to safeguard the reputation of the certified person or organization and increase the confidence of other persons or institutions that have access to this information.

Lucentum Universitas is part of the educational group Cape Canaveral Educational Services. Its mission is to evaluate the training programs and the educational quality of different independent Institutions of Higher Education, and to issue certificates (both to the institutions and to the students who have studied in them) on the quality of the education received.

Therefore, the Diplomas and Certificates issued do not allow the exercise of a regulated profession, or access to higher education, but certify that the training received had high international quality standards, such as ISO standards (Quality Management System: ISO 9001; Education and Learning Services – Requierements for Distance Learning: ISO 29994:2021) or the guidelines of Foundations for the development of educational quality (European Foundation Quality Management, among others).

Our certification issued to students is permanent, that is, once issued it does not have to be renewed after a few years. Educational institutions will receive certification for the years for which certification has been requested. Each year’s training can only be certified once the quality of the education provided has been verified.

As for the validity of our certifications in different countries, this will depend on the criteria followed in each country, in each institution and in each specific call (of work, merits, etc.).

Our mission is to make other organizations, companies or institutions aware of the quality recognition work carried out by our institution. The degree of validity given to this recognition will depend on the institutions that must carry out this assessment.

The functions of Lucentum Universitas are limited to certifying the quality of education provided by other educational institutions. Therefore, no accredited, licensed or official degree is given.

However, students, teachers and institutions interested in learning more about the educational programs can access the offerings of Cape Canaveral Educational Services at www.canaveral-ce.com.

Our certifications are issued in English and serve as proof of the quality of the training activities carried out by the institutions and their students. The diplomas issued have full international validity, and their acceptance will depend on the country and institution in which they are to be assessed.

The students of the training centers certified by Lucemtum Universitas will obtain, after passing the training activity in which they have enrolled, a diploma issued directly by our entity. It will contain the student’s personal data, the qualification obtained, the hours spent, the ISO certification that the training activity complies with, the date, the registration number of the certificate, the signature of the director and the official seal of Lucentum Universitas.

In addition, on the back of the diploma, the contents worked on, the grade obtained and a summary of the main characteristics of the training activity carried out (such as duration or ECTS credits) will be specified.


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